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Being Human

The tragic events in Israel and Gaza, begun by the brutal terrorist attacks by Hamas, have brought ideologies of hate to the fore across the world — notably antisemitism and Islamophobia. What is needed now is love and kindness, not hate and revenge.

We seek at Building Bridges Together™ to build bridges among people of the different Abrahamic faiths. We urge you to reach out to folks that you know who have a different lived experience – check in on them to let them know you care. If you are Jewish, reach out to a Muslim. If you are Muslim, reach out to a Jew. If you are Christian reach out to Jews and Muslims. We are all human, and we are all shocked by these events still unfolding. It will mean so much to know that your friend or colleague sees you and cares about you.

We need to build cooperation and trust among people of faith to counteract the hate and terror promoted by those who somehow benefit from stirring those emotions. Consider ways to build more bridges among people of faith to allow us to stand together against the hate being sowed. We can all do our part to heal the world.

We were moved by this beautiful post from Eboo Patel of Interfaith America encouraging this relationship building. Let us all resolve to be helpers in this crisis and let us build bridges together.

Remember that we are all human together.

Blessings of peace, Diane and Bob Frankle, Co-Founders, Building Bridges Together™

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1 Comment
Oct 25, 2023

Thank you, Diane and Bob Frankle, for this Interfaith Ministry. Please add me on to your Being Human blog. My email is

We have moved to San Diego; just got back from a brief vacation in Montréal and Quebec.

I am working on a blog named Malice To None that would complement yours.

pPlease let us keep in touch.

Vincent Raj

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