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Mission & Vision

 A Message From Our Founders

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to promote interfaith dialogue to create deep and meaningful relationships among people from Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths. We believe that such relationships will lead to greater understanding, cooperation, and caring among these faith communities and will contribute to healing the world.

Our vision is that our interfaith dialogue programs will be offered, both remotely and in person, by faith communities across the United States.

Our approach is to create easily implementable programs which employ interfaith dialogue among members of different faith communities (Christians, Jews and/or Muslims) to develop greater understanding and deep, sustained, and meaningful relationships among the participants.  


Sponsoring faith organizations can use our programs to promote interfaith dialogue and relationship building between their members and those of neighboring faith communities of one or both of the other two faith traditions. Interfaith organizations can use our programs to engage local faith communities.  Interested community members not affiliated with the sponsoring faith communities may also be invited to participate.

Trusted Partners

We develop ongoing relationships with like-minded organizations such as faith organizations and nonprofits engaged in interfaith work, peacemaking, and relationship building. We promote each other’s interfaith programming, events and thought leadership in areas of common interest.

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Resources & Events

Access our bank of resources to find out about our upcoming interfaith dialogue events and start your own journey in understainding the value of interfaith dialogue and relationships by clicking here.


By Mary Grace Bertulfo


Unpack your hidden tools, America.

Dust off your generosity of spirit,

your open-handed friendship,

your sense of possibility.

Reach beyond the din of hatred

to the still, peaceful place inside.

Remember the kindness

and frailty of your neighbors.


The angels of our better nature

summon us…

Build, they say, build.

Build bridges between neighbors.

Embrace openly on the streets

and demonstrate

the fortitude of love.

Many faiths.

Our diversity makes us wiser.

Many races.

Our diversity broadens our beauty.

Many traditions.

Our diversity makes us richer.


So build, America, bridges.

300 million bridges built to unite neighbors

are strong than

one wall built to separate us.


Today, right now,

Great America,

unpack your tools of peace.

Extend your bridges to your neighbors

so that we may walk together

across this land

in freedom.

”Bridges” by Mary Grace Bertulfo is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonComercial-NoDerivatives
4.0 International License


Based on a work by


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